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Terms and Conditions

STAR Activities courses can be cancelled with a full refund 4 weeks before the course programme start date, cancellations must be advised in writing by this time. After this period refunds are no longer possible. 

STAR Activities Courses and Full Day Holiday Programmes must be paid in full for the term or specific programme date(s) mentioned on the invoice.  STAR Activities reserve the right to cancel your registration should payment terms be exceeded. There is no refund or change of course dates due to the absence of a child who has been registered in a course programme or full day activity programme once a term date or full day programme date has started.

We reserve the right to levy additional charges if children are collected later than the registered course or programme end period.
All course programmes are booked and payable under the term dates, changes or updates for a new term course programme can be made 4 weeks before the start date of the term and is based on course availability.
STAR Activities reserve the right to offer a change to a course programme or offer a replacement, if the subscription to the course is not met.

STAR Activities is covered under liability insurance, in line, with the current requirements to offer extra curricular programmes on school premises as well as offsite activities. Children, registered with STAR Activities, are required to follow guidelines regarding behaviour and safety in any course(s) or full day programme(s), we are not responsible for the behaviour of any child which may cause these guidelines to be breached in any way.

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