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For everyone who needs a little more flexibility or if you would like to try us before booking a full cycle of programmes we now offer the STAR Pass. 

You decide how many sessions and then you just use them as and when it fits your agenda.


Booking a STAR Pass couldn’t be simpler. 

  1. Go to the Daily Programmes page and click on the STAR Pass programme. 

  2. Enter the information and select how many credits you would like (1 credit = 1 session). At this point you do not need to decide which programmes you would like or when you would like to use your pass. 

  3. Click on Book Now and enter your details on the next page and go to check-out.

  4. Bus shuttles: We also offer bus shuttles from ISL / back to Bouillon at certain times of the day. The shuttle is not included in the pass price but you can book a STAR Pass Collect service separately. 

  5. We will send you an order confirmation followed by an invoice.

  6. Once you have received the order confirmation you can start using your pass. 

  7. As and when you would like to use one of your sessions, please send us an email. Please let us know which day, time and programme  you would like to book. Please let us know latest by 10:00hrs on the day. 

  8. We will send you a confirmation email. 

Eligible Programmes

A full overview of all programmes is on our Programme Overview page.

Eligible programmes look like this (black text in white box):

Eligible programmes requiring credits for 2 or more sessions look like this (yellow box):

Programmes not eligible for the STAR Pass look like this (orange box):


  • Q: Do I need to book shuttle buses separately? A: Yes. You can also purchase a shuttle pass (STAR Pass Collect). When collecting from ISL this includes us collecting your child from class at the correct time.

  • Q: How long is the pass valid for? A: The pass is valid for a school term. 

  • Q: Is there a limit to how many passes I can buy? A: No. You can buy as many passes as you like but for regular attendance of our programmes we suggest that booking full programmes cycles is more cost effective.  

  • Q: Can I use one pass for several different children? A: No. Since we ask you for allergy information during the ordering process one pass can only be used for the child that it was booked for. 

  • Q: Can I buy a STAR Pass as a gift for someone else? A: Yes. As long as the child’s name and the allergy information at the point of ordering are correct, we can amend items like an address or contact information later. The information does need to be updated though before the pass can be used to ensure that we can provide the same level of service as for direct bookings. 

  • Q: Can I just call, or message, you to book a session? Does it have to be email? A: No. All sessions need to be booked by email.

  • Q: What if I / my child misses the session that I booked? Can I just re-book for another session? A: This depends on whether you have notified us at least several hours before or not at all. As we may make transport arrangements, purchase programme materials and provide an adequate number of staff for each session, we cannot guarantee that you can re-book. Please talk to us. We will always do our best to accommodate your requirements. In cases of "no show", i.e. no prior notification you cannot re-book. 

  • Q: Can you guarantee that I can use my STAR Pass always for the same specific, eligible programme? A: No. There are limits to the number of children a programme session can take and it is therefore possible that spaces are taken up by clients who book a full programme cycle or by other STAR Pass holders. 

  • Q: Will you credit any un-used sessions at the end of a passes validity? A: Sorry, we cannot credit any un-used sessions. 

  • Q: Can I use a STAR Pass for a Holiday Programme? A: No. The pass covers sessions each around 1 hour long whilst a Holiday Programme usually is a full day.

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