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Make someone happy and send them a Gift Card !

STAR Activities Gift Card


You can't go wrong with a gift card.
Choose an amount and write a personalised message to make this gift your own.


How the Gift Card works:

  • You can purchase a gift card for anyone; regardless whether they are a STAR Activities existing customer, site member or not. You can even purchase a gift card for yourself. 

  • The recipient will receive a customised email notifying them of the gift. You can include a personalised message. 

  • Choose the amount. NB! The amounts are inclusive of TVA. €25 roughly equates to a 1-hour STAR Pass.

  • The recipients name will appear on the email sent to the recipient. "Hi <name> you just got a gift card". The email will contain instructions how to redeem the gift card. 

  • The email to the recipient will be sent automatically (from our website) once the gift card has been paid for.  You can also specifiy a later date in the 'When do you want the Gift Card to be sent...' box. It is not possible to send the email to the recipient before the gift card has been paid for. 

  • How does a recipient redeem a gift card? The recipient can chose and book any programme on our website. The booking process is the same as for paid bookings. At check-out, they click Redeem a gift card and enter their unique gift card code.   

  • What happens if a booking value is more than the gift card value? The recipient can pay for the remaining booking value using other payment methods. 

  • What happens if the booking value is less than the gift card value? The remaining value can used in future bookings. 

  • Gift cards expire after 12 months. 

  • Refunds: It is not possible to refund gift card purchases. It is not possible to refund any remaining gift card values.

  • What does the gift card message look like? See below.

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