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For everyone who needs a little more flexibility or if you would like to try us before booking a full cycle of programmes we now offer the STAR Pass. 

You decide how many sessions and then you just use them as and when it fits your agenda.


Booking a STAR Pass couldn’t be simpler. 

  1. Go to the Book Online page and click on the STAR Pass programme of your choice. 

  2. Clicking on 'Book Now' or 'Read More' will bring you to the booking calendar showing the next available dates and times.

  3. Select your date and time and click 'Next'.

  4. Enter your details. On this page you can also enter up to 2 children in 1 click. 

  5. Follow the usual check out process. 

What kind of STAR Passes are there?

  • Afternoon passes are for a whole afternoon at STAR Activities and these include bus transfer from school to our programme location.

  • A pass for a 1-hour session. 

  • A pass just for collection at school and transfer to our programme location. 

  • A pass for return from the programme location to Bouillon. 

You can combine the 1-hour session and collection / return passes to suit your own individual schedule. ​


Managing your bookings.

In your account you can manage all of your bookings under 'My Bookings'. Here you can reschedule (up to 4 hours before the start time) or cancel (up to 24 hours before the start time). 

You can make a new booking up to 2 hours before the start time. 

Eligible Programmes

Not all of our programmes are eligible for STAR Pass and we cannot guarantee the availability of a specific programme on the day and at the time of your choice. Please do let us know though (in the booking form) if you have any preferences and we will do our best to accommodate your choice.                                                                                                                                                                                 A full overview of all programmes is on our Programme Overview page.

Eligible programmes look like this (black text in white box):

2-hour programme. Not eligible for a 1-hour pass but covered in an afternoon pass look like this (yellow box):

Programmes not eligible for a STAR Pass look like this (orange box):


  • Q: Do I need to book shuttle buses separately? A: Our Afternoon Passes already include 'Collect from School' but not 'Collect from Bouillon'. If required, please book this separately. Our 1-hour Session Pass does not include any collections. Please book these separately if required.

  • Q: Is there a limit to how many passes I can buy? A: No. You can buy as many passes as you like but for regular attendance of our programmes we suggest that booking full programme cycles is more cost effective.

  • Q: Why are some programmes not eligible for STAR Pass? A: This could be because of a programme requiring regular attendance (e.g. piano lessons) or all available places have already been booked.  

  • Q: Can I transfer a STAR Pass to a different child? A: No. Since we ask you for allergy information, and for 'STAR Pass Collect from School' for the school grade and the teacher's name, during the ordering process one pass can only be used for the child that it was booked for. 

  • Q: Can I just call, or message, you to book a session? A: No. All STAR Passes should be booked on our website to ensure we capture all necessary information (allergies, etc.) correctly. 

  • Q: What if I / my child misses the session that I booked? A: Please refer to our booking and cancellation policy. You can reschedule, or cancel, bookings in 'My Bookings' in your account. In cases of "no show", i.e. no prior notification you cannot re-book. 

  • Q: Can you guarantee that I can use my STAR Pass always for the same specific, eligible programme? A: No. There are limits to the number of children a programme session can take and it is therefore possible that spaces are taken up by clients who book a full programme cycle or by other STAR Pass holders.  

  • Q: Can I use a STAR Pass for a Holiday Programme? A: No. The pass covers sessions each around 1 hour long or an afternoon whilst a Holiday Programme usually is a full day.

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